Thursday 22 November 2012

My Orca Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa, I would like an orca for Christmas...

So I'm not sure Santa can stretch that far, or fit an orca through your chimney (or under your tree), and I'm not sure how Rudolph would feel about carrying a top predator behind his back. But we have come up with some great orca stocking-fillers for the orcaholics and marine lovers in your lives! 

Here are some of our favourites - click on the pictures to find out where you can purchase these items from! Remember, when buying DVDs check you have the correct region and format for your player. If any items are out of stock, or if you are not based in the UK, run a search for any item you are interested in as it may be sold by multiple retailers around the world. 


Books For Kids

DVDs & CDs

Artwork & Calendars

Artwork by Leonard Boekee

Artwork by Uko Gorter


Home Accessories





So we aren't going to wish you a merry Christmas just yet, but we will wish you a happy shopping! Let us know if you come across any other orca goodies that you think should be added to our letter to Santa!

Orca Aware Team


  1. Great list of ideas! I have most of those books and they are all great reads :) I also have an orca ecotype poster and whales of the world poster from Uko Gorter. It's of exceptional quality and he is such a pleasure to work with!

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